09 Jun 2021
FEVA Nationals - May Half Term 2021

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Feva Nationals

Over half-term, 4 boats & 8 sailors from MCS took part in the Feva Nationals down at Hayling Island Sailing Club. As most of them had never sailed anywhere other than Farmoor, let alone the sea, this was a great adventure. Competition was fierce, with sailors from all over the UK attending, including several ex-National squad sailors and an ex-Olympian.

The first 2 days of the event involved a round robin format, where the MCS sailors started getting used to tides and big fleet sailing. The competition started with 45 boats and trying to keep their wind clear. We then moved into the finals where the fleet was split into gold and silver sections. All the MCS sailors were in silver and started making use of what they learnt in the round robins.

Casper Townend and Luke Knezevic achieved good mid fleet results, and managed to finish as high as 8th, which secured their place as the top MCS boat. Edward White Belcher and Davey Chataway, also were achieving good mid-fleet results and improved their position every race, ending up only 2 places behind Casper and Luke.

Sean Robinson and Alex Money, had some mixed results including being over the line in one race, but ended up with several mid fleet results. Daniel McShane and Euan Roach, learnt a huge amount and it was great seeing them achieve a number of good results on the last 2 days with several boats behind them in individual races.

All the sailors achieved their goals and Mr Pearson and Mr Unwin were very happy with how they got on. We come away from the Nationals having learnt a huge amount, looking forward to future events where we can use our new knowledge.