13 May 2020
Mouth Guard Fittings - June 2020

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We just wanted to let you know, that for reasons which will be obvious to you, we are unable to hold the mouth guard fittings planned for June with FirstLine Mouthguards. The fittings are not cancelled, but are to be postponed, with more details to follow. We will ensure good notice is given to you for booking an appointment with First Line once it is clearer when the fitting will be able to take place at MCS.

We are keeping a close eye on how and what sport will be offered from September, which of course is not yet clear to anyone, but at present we feel it is unlikely that a professionally fitted mouth guard will be required before the second half of Michaelmas Term.

However, we will arrange for the usual Opro (fit all) mouth guards, which we keep a supply of in the sports office to be available, should they be required before we are able to arrange for FirstLine to attend if this is your preferred choice. These "fit all" mouth guards cost around £6 and are available from Mrs Brine in the Sports Office who will then arrange for the cost to be added to your end of term bill.

Finally, if you wish to sort somethings earlier, you can of course buy a mouth guard (on line) for now, or via a sports shop (as and when they open) which should just be fitted according to instructions (if it is a boiled water fitting), or arrange for one to be made and fitted by your own dentist, if and when this service is once again offered by them.

Parents should ensure their sons/daughters have all of the relevant clothing and footwear for the start of Michaelmas Term in accordance with the information sent to them in inductions packs for new pupils, this information is also available on line.